Our promise is to improve the lives of all Americans by giving policymakers access to high-quality information and engaging citizens as active participants in the formation of public policy.

The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement is located at Drake University and serves as a venue and catalyst for dynamic non-partisan research, learning, and outreach to promote understanding of the policy issues to which Senator Tom Harkin devoted his career.

Scholarship Deadline Extended!

The Harkin Institute’s D.C. Experience Scholarship helps Drake undergraduates cover the cost of interning in Washington, D.C.

April 3: HOW Symposium

Harkin on Wellness

Public, Planet, and Health Policy: A New Age Approach to Food Systems

Harkin Institute announces new building


Permanent space to grow

The building will serve as a model of universal design and provide much-needed space for Institute staff, researchers, and programming as the organization continues to grow.

March 26 | Policy on Tap


Advocacy in Action

Join us for a conversation about the politics, policy and professional change in today’s health care industry.

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