The Sussman Lecture Series

The Sussman Lecture Series is dedicated to studying issues that define our public life and engaging students and citizens in constructive dialogue regarding these issues.

Founded on the premise that good public policy is best achieved when policymakers have access to high quality information, political processes are open and well-understood, and citizens are informed and active participants, The Harkin Institute seeks to create opportunities for thoughtful policy discourse in a nonpartisan environment.

The Sussman Lecture Series hosts a notable public policy figure to discuss topical current events with a small audience. The series was established by Richard Sussman, AS’51, and his late wife Lila. Tickets are required and seating is limited to provide an intimate experience for attendees.

Our most recent Sussman lecture: Fall 2023

“Dignity: The Foundation of a New Patriotism” with Tim Shriver

Americans may be more divided than ever, but some say our disagreements aren’t causing the division, but what we do when we disagree. At the Fall 2023 Sussman Lecture, Tim Shriver discussed “The Dignity Index”, which was developed by his nonprofit UNITE, and shared how it can be applied to solve the country’s toxic political and cultural divides. Shriver also explained why dignity is the key to easing divisions, preventing violence, and solving problems.

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