Wyatt Anderson is one of three recipients of the 2018 D.C. Experience Scholarship, which provides financial support for Drake University students interning in Washington, D.C., for the summer. He will provide bi-weekly updates of his time in D.C.

2018 D.C. Experience Scholarship Recipient Wyatt Anderson during a visit to Monticello.Hi, everyone! Weeks five and six have just wrapped up here for me in Washington, D.C. I only have two short weeks left before I come back home and it seems like this program and my time in Washington, D.C. is only getting busier as time goes on.

So much as happened, I have filled six notebooks, and I have written many op-eds, speeches, and presentations – both for my job at my internship and for this Leadership and the American Presidency Program. However, the highlights of the past two weeks are pretty clear. I have been to the White House for briefings twice, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building for guest speakers and White House fellows meetings three times, and I have continued to explore D.C. Last weekend, we toured the University of Virginia and Monticello, and the Leadership and the American Presidency Program hosted a networking gala at The Willard hotel.

Also, I was selected to attend two select briefings, including one on the floor of the U.S. Capitol Building. Only three students were selected from 350 participating in programs (including Leadership and the American Presidency Program) that are sponsored by The Fund for American Studies. Tomorrow, I am also meeting with two prominent D.C. politicians/lawyers who invited me for lunch at the Trump National Golf Course. I can’t wait to see what these last two weeks will hold!

2018 D.C. Experience Scholarship Recipient Wyatt Anderson poses for a photo in the White House. A photo of the Speakers' Lobby taken by 2018 D.C. Experience Scholarship Recipient Wyatt Anderson


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