The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement is releasing two new reports in conjunction with the 2020 Harkin International Disability Employment Summit, which takes place virtually on December 10. Learn more about the reports and access them below.

Innovative Employment Practices at Work: Celebrating the Efforts of the Harkin Summit Community
The planning partners, speakers, and attendees of The Harkin Summit have formed  a community of practice in promoting competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities. This report shares a collection of innovative employment initiatives from around the world, solicited from past Harkin Summit participants and meant to celebrate the work of this community. Submissions were vetted through a formal review process. This project was led by The Harkin Institute Senior Disability Policy Fellow Julie Christensen. Access a PDF of this report here.

Solving “Then What?”: Empowering Investors to Achieve Competitive, Integrated Employment for Persons with Disabilities
This white paper explores the role the investor community can play in improving employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities. Investors have both the power and the influence to work with the companies they invest in to fully integrate people with disabilities into all levels of their operations – from entry level to executive management. This paper, authored by The Harkin Institute Research Fellow Robert Ludke, provides a blueprint for achieving this. Access a PDF of this report here.

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