Emily Schettler

New Harkin Institute report provides blueprint for investing in competitive, integrated employment for persons with disabilities

The Harkin Institute for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement has released a new report that explores the role the investor community can play in improving employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

The paper, Solving: “Then What?” Empowering Investors to Achieve Competitive, Integrated Employment for People with Disabilities, was authored by Harkin Institute Research fellow Robert Ludke.

“Investors have proven themselves to be catalysts for spurring the private sector to make society better in other areas, such as protecting our natural resources and investing in local communities,” Senator Tom Harkin said. “We can collaborate with the investor community to permanently fix the system for disability inclusion.”

Investors control an estimated $90 trillion worldwide. They have both the power and the influence to work with companies they invest in to fully integrate people with disabilities into all levels of their operations – from entry level to executive management. The new report from The Harkin Institute provides a blueprint investors can use to drive greater inclusion in workplaces everywhere.

The report is available on The Harkin Institute website. 


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