Circular plaque hanging in the entrance of the Tom and Ruth Harkin Center that reads: Three Green Globes Certified. The Harkin Institute. Drake University.The new Tom and Ruth Harkin Center has achieved three Green Globes, which is the highest rated project in the state of Iowa and the first project in the state to receive this level of rating. Some of the features that contributed to the success of the project include: native landscape plantings, stormwater management on site, an all-electric building with a VRF mechanical system, daylighting in all occupied spaces, providing a view to the outdoors to all occupied areas, utilizing recycled and low-emitting materials for building finishes and providing low-flow with energy-star plumbing fixtures throughout.

The Ruth and Tom Harkin Center at Drake University has recently completed the comprehensive Green Globes building certification process that started at the beginning of concept design and tracked the project through completion of construction. This third-party building certification program measures the reduction of environmental impacts and use of environmental efficiency practices for new and existing building projects. The program breaks down a building’s environmental impact over seven different sections and scores are compiled as a percentage of the total points achieved by the project (1,000 points total); with the final rating given from one to four Green Globes. The Drake University campus-wide goal is to meet a minimum of two Green Globes on any new construction project.

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