This event was the first in a series of dialogues that brought together the disability and investor communities and the private sector to achieve competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities. Keynote speakers included Susanne Bruyère of Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability at Cornell University and Caroline Casey, founder and creator of The Valuable 500. This inaurgal dialogue showcased the value proposition for the private sector in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, and identified ways to create a meaningful pipeline of talent from the disability community to the private sector. This event was also in celebration of The Valuable 500 reaching its goal of having 500 global CEOs commit to rebuilding the business system to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.
Solving “Then What?”: Empowering Investors to Achieve Competitive, Integrated Employment for Persons with Disabilities

Report Cover that reads:

This recently-published white paper explores the role the investor community can play in improving employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities. Investors have both the power and the influence to work with the companies they invest in to fully integrate people with disabilities into all levels of their operations – from entry level to executive management. This paper, authored by The Harkin Institute Research Fellow Robert Ludke, provides a blueprint for achieving this. 

Column: Diversity must include people with disabilities

Read this op-ed from Senator Tom Harkin and Harkin Institute Fellow Robert Ludke that published in Bloomberg.

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