Sussman Lecture – Dr. Michael J. Nelson

Even the most casual observer has probably noted that our nation’s process for placing people on the U.S. Supreme Court has been placed under a hot spotlight. Gone, it seems, are the days of nominees for the Court meeting with senators to essentially solidify what historically has been bi-partisan support.

Has the Court become too politicized? Is it an accurate reflection of the nation’s population or has that image always been a myth?

Fortunately, the Sussman Lecture for 2022 was an opportunity to learn more about this complex body. The speaker was Dr. Michael J. Nelson, a professor of Political Science at Penn State University, an undergraduate alumnus of Drake University and co-author of several books on the judicial system of the United States spoke on “The U.S. Supreme Court: Yesterday and Today.”

Dr. Nelson took the stage at the Sussman Theater October 24. Watch the livestream below or on The Harkin Institute’s YouTube channel.