What’s Charlie Cook Saying These Days?

For the past few decades, the clear answer to any question about American politics and political campaigns entailed some mention of Charlie Cook.

Born in Arkansas, Cook cut his political teeth first as a staff person for Senator J. Bennett Johnston (D-Louisiana) while also attending Georgetown University. In 1984, he launched the Cook Political Report, a newsletter that quickly became gospel for political reporters, analysts and campaign wonks. He is also a columnist for the National Journal and the online National Journal Congress Daily. Additionally, Cook has provided election night commentary for several networks.

In 2006, he was inducted into the Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame and, in 2010, received the Casey McWilliams award from the American Political Science Association.

Cook is also a member of the National Advisory Council for The Harkin Institute and, as part of that role, provides insight into the national political landscape annually.

Charlie made his annual appearance at the Harkin Institute December 8. Watch the event below or on The Harkin Institute’s YouTube channel.