Audio Transcription

This display is a 3 foot by 3 foot square.

The upper third of the display is lettering over a green background.

The title reads The Work Continues – What’s Next?

The lower portion is a collage of photos of Senator Harkin melted into a blue background. The photos show the Senator working for and with the people over the years – getting popcorn from his popcorn machine in his Senate office, shaking hands with dignitaries, speaking at podiums , riding bicycles with his wife, reading a book with a young girl, hard-hatted and holding a shovel at a groundbreaking, standing in a cornfield with a farmer,  blowing a kiss to a crowd and rocking a hula hoop with children on the lawn of the US Capitol.

A quote from his Farewell to the Senate Address from December 12, 2014 is printed in black text.

It reads

I am retiring from the senate, but I am not retiring from the fight. I will never retire from the fight to ensure equal opportunity, full participation, independent living and economic self-suffieciency for every disabled person in America.

I will never retire from the fight to give a hand up and hope to those who have experienced disadvantage and adversity. I will never retire from the fight to make this a land of social and economic justice for all Americans.