Session Information


May 31, 2024


12:00–1:00 p.m. CT


Virtual Live Stream (Link will be sent to virtual attendees before the event)


  • Professionals seeking credit: $65
    • Social workers use code “MINUS30” for a $30 discount on your registration
  • General Public not seeking credit: Free

Accommodations: Live-captioning in English will be provided. American Sign Language interpretation is only available upon request due to interpreter shortages throughout Iowa. ASL and other accommodation requests can be made by emailing

Session Summary

There are many ways for employers to increase their bottom line—especially by empowering their employees! In this presentation, we will consider less common options and solutions for employers to discuss with their financial advisors. Evaluating and merging solutions to best fit your business needs will optimize your business, improve employee retention, and help the community.

This is the final session in a three-part series that will focus on HRAs, Archer MSAs, Medicare Advantage savings plans, and other health savings plans. Our first two sessions covered FSA and HSA plans. You can watch those here.

This lunchtime workshop is designed for both professionals and the public. This series has been designed to assist both the layperson in understanding their options, as well as provide professionals with more information when advising their clients.

This program has been submitted to the Iowa CLE Commission. Materials will be provided to all attendees prior to the presentation in PDF format. A description and outline will be provided to those who wish to submit this program for credit in their home states. We encourage attendees to submit this course for continuing education credit in their respective states and professions. Please note that The Harkin Institute cannot guarantee approval by any state professional body.

About The Harkin Institute’s Continuing Education Series

Continuing education is a vital requirement that helps keep professionals informed and maintain their license. The shear variety of information and topics discussed during these educational sessions will be beneficial to anyone. That’s why The Harkin Institute is launching its Continuing Education Series.  

The Harkin Institute will host sessions with industry experts on a variety of topics including health savings plans, ABLE accounts, tax incentives, health insurance options, ERISA, retirement planning, statutory updates, employment rights, living with disabilities – even food security and sustainable design and architecture. These sessions will provide attendees a chance expand their knowledge and skills. They will also offer attorneys, insurance providers, third-party administrators, architects, landscape architects, social workers, and other professionals the ability to earn valuable continuing education credits. Professionals in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia will be eligible for credit. 

Please note: these sessions are for educational purposes only. Each person’s set of circumstances is unique and requires specific strategies. It is the responsibility of all parties to seek legal, insurance, tax, and financial advice with a professional familiar with your specific needs and goals. 

All expenses related to taking this course are an above-the-line deduction for your business—please refer to the rules of IRS Form Schedule C for more in-depth guidance. 

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